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Stitch your stress away by picking up a hook or needle and spend time crafting a wonderful new fashionable garment. Yes, you can do it with one hook or two needles. Crafting now is for everyone no matter what gender or age. Do you need an excuse to craft? Just take a look at the increase happiness by releasing neurotransmitter called dopamine, plus it may protect the brain from aging according to the article from CNN Health titled, This is Your Brain on Crafting“? If you have found yourself here, please consider crafting at home or work to ease your everyday stress and keep your brain healthy.

I am crafting at home every day. I look forward to my time in the evening to crochet or knit for it eases all my tensions of the day away. My projects are all lined up in bags and I interchange between the two crafts while crocheting or knitting.

Behind every crocheter or knitter is a pile of yarn. . .

Let’s talk about it . . . I am sure you did not start out with a pile of yarn unless you inherited from your grandma’s stash. Those were the days when it seemed that only the elderly did crafts. I have done a lot of different kinds of needlework crafts, but I always go back to crocheting or knitting as my main craft to do. I like to share what I have learn about crocheting and knitting and one thing I have found is to keep your projects simple when you are stitching your stress away. By simple, I mean easy patterns that have simple stitch patterns that are easy to remember and repeat in making any kind of garment. This will ease the stress away and keep it fun and interesting. Once you have learned the basic of either craft, you can find vintage patterns to try and work up. I will talk about patterns, stitches, how to work them out and so on. I love to look for free patterns on the web and will share a pattern and work it up. You can join along with the projects I post.

MARCH 2023:


Granny Square Summer Dress

Just think about what you can make with granny squares. Read the post.

How colorful are these granny squares? Make them and use them as coasters around the house.

Have fun and make something colorful for the spring using any color cotton yarn. Watch this video for all the steps needed to make the granny squares. Once you have this technique down you can make scrubbies.  In the video the author uses crochet hook size G, and you can find the yarn at AMAZON if you want to use the Riley Blake Designs Set 4 Chunky yarn set, or you can use the La mia Mini Cottony yarn also available at Amazon in a set of 20 skeins.

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