First Blush color – Caron Colorama O’Go

Looking on the inside of the Granny Stripes Crochet Bucket Hat. I had fun crocheting this hat and it did not take long to complete this project. This hat can be done in a weekend easily. The pattern is on Yarnspirations. You can download it and begin the project. The pattern uses Red Heart Super Saver O’Go in Jeweltone, but at the time I ordered the materials it was not available, but now it is and on sale on Yarnspirations. I used Caron Colorama O’Go yarn in First Blush color as you can see in the picture above.

Jeweltone color – Red Heart Super Saver O’Go

The colors remind me of Ireland and the luck of the Irish. The project time to make, depending on your crochet speed, is 4 to 6 hours. I realized that there are two companies that have the O’Go logo. The difference between Red Heart and Caron is the worsted weight of the yarn. The Red Heart O’Go yarn has a worsted weight of 4, while the Caron O’Go is a 5 and that is a bulky weight yarn. The weight of the yarn will make a slight difference on the size of the hat. Of course, it depends on if you are a loose or tight crocheter. If you are looking for 22-inch round head size use the bulky weight yarn and size J hook, otherwise use the worsted weight 4 yarn Red Heart Super Saver O’Go. This pattern did not list diameter for the hat size, only that it is sized to fit an adult. You can change the color of the rows to suit your taste.

I love the floral granny of the hat, which is the first 4 rows. Just imagine, you can make coasters using the first four to five rows. I love that the instructions included a chart for the pattern. This is a great learning experience in reading crochet charts. Make note of the stitch key for the chart. It will show you the crochet stitches for the pattern. Note: When starting this pattern, you will chain four and then you will double crochet 7 times into the first chain made. Also, note the numbers listed for each row on the chart. The pattern repeats row seven for 8 more times before crocheting the brim of the hat. As you can see the pattern is made up of 3 double crochets in a space or stitch, thus making it a Granny stitch for the Bucket Hat.

If you have leftover yarn from previous projects, you can use any worsted weight yarn for the rows of this hat. Notice how the pattern increases from row 2 to row 5. Below is a video on how to separate the O’Go yarn.

I am now weaving in the yarn as I go along crocheting like in the Granny Square Video in the earlier post titled Granny Square Delight. I always weave my yarn ends in the back of my projects. I weave ends in a back and forth like the video shows below. I rarely have yarn pop out using this method.

Have fun making this Granny Bucket Hat. I am going to make some coasters using cotton yarn and another hat out of Vanna’s Choice yarn. Check back here to see images of the items made.

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